April 12th, 2005

Words ending in ae... or... Miles without smiles...

Book club met today, sans Mary, who is home moving furniture around and just generally preparing for the painters, who are coming tomorrow. Topics covered: the book (which we're not starting until May), Sharon's party last Saturday, Nutrifood, the effects of estrogen, Christopher's upcoming court appearance, and Beth's introvertedness. Oh yeah, there was some, very brief, arcane discussion about what Lesbians find attractive about vaginae. I do digress, but there is something interesting about the juxtaposition of the word vaginae in this entry and the word larvae in yesterday's entry. Is that misogynistic?

In class tonight, Dr. Swarts announced that he was "scaling back" the usability tests for our ME Website project. While this truly was good news, I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed in all the work I did on my test materials yesterday, mostly for naught. Oh well. Perhaps I can use them in the "Hi Fi" test.

During class tonight, I tried a new design for the view that shows all items in my portfolio. I created frames, with the list of items in the left pane, and the highlight of each appearing in the right (or main) frame when you click on them. I got some feedback from Dr. Swarts on that design. He liked it better than my original "slide show" design, and I have to agree with him.

There are still miles to go before I sleep with regards to this project.