February 28th, 2005

A place for everything, everything in its place...

Syd arrived at 8:40 instead of 9:00. Thank goodness I'd gotten out of bed at 8:15 instead of snoozing until 8:30. He fixed my downstairs toilet, my upstairs toilet, "snaked" the drain in my master bathroom sink, and fixed the poor flow of cold water in my kitchen sink. It's nice to have all of these pesky little things fixed. I really like Syd. He's prompt, customer-oriented, and knowledgeable.

He cracked me up when he was leaving. As he went out the front door, he said, "You don't mind if I line up this one brick, do you? It's crooked, and a little out of place." LOL. While he was straightening it, I said, "Look at that," and pointed to the hedge in front of my house. Whenever the homeowner's groundspeople cut that hedge, they always leave these three or four little "spouts" that stick up, while the rest is like a crew cut. It drives me to distraction!

"OH NO," he said looking at it. He went to his (plumbing) truck and came back with these wire cutters, and snipped those babies right off. And, as if that wasn't funny enough, there was a little hole right next to where he had cut them from that looked like the bush just didn't grow there or fill in, and he stuffed the pieces down in there, as if to "fill it up" and make it even, too. We were both laughing like crazy as he left. What fun.

I ran Team Blue's Test Materials by Dr. Dick's office at about 2:00. He wasn't in his office, so I slipped the folder under his door. His schedule beside his door said, "Office Hours Monday 3:00-6:00," so I assumed he'd take a look at them when he got there at 3.

I stopped by the Hallmark store, got a birthday card for mom, mailed it to mom, and my journal entries for this week to mom and dad and to Uncle Frank and Aunt Annette, and then ran into the Food Lion real quick. I got a cucumber, an onion, sliced mushrooms, two tomatoes, canned pineapple tidbits, two cans of green beans, a pack of bun-length hot dogs, a loaf of bread, and a box of Healthy Choice Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Class was short again tonight, which gave our teams a chance to meet. Dr. Dicks returned our materials, and we have just a few things to change in them before we use them tomorrow night on our first participants.

At home, I heated the BBQ Chicken Breast Patty entree, and put it on two slices of whole wheat bread, a skosh of mayo, some onions, and some tomatoes. YUM.

I went to Carmichael, where the parking was horrible, but I got lucky and got a spot in the front, across from the Student Center. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical crosstrainer for a 300-calorie burn.

As I walked in the door at home, my phone rang. It was Joe calling from between Greensboro and Durham. He caught me up on his two days in Charlotte. We're going to try and meet tomorrow after class for coffee.

I caught up this journal, had a nice AIM chat with Robert, will now read tomorrow's readings for ENG 519, and edit Steve's paper, which he has committed to get to me by 11:00. Life is good.