February 24th, 2005

Weigh in and being stood up...

I got to Baby Moon Cafe at 11:30 for my lunch date with Adrienne. By 11:50, she hadn't showed up, and I debated as to whether I should just get up and leave (and therefor eat Nutrifood back at the office) or go ahead and eat there since I'd been taking up a table for almost a half hour and had been through three glasses of water.

I decided to stay, and eat just an appetizer. I had tomatoes and mozzarella cheese with some olive oil on it, and four strips of bread that were about one-inch wide and maybe four inches long -- that's real inches, not "Internet inches."

Of all days, and I haven't done this since I can't remember, I'd left my cell phone at home, so didn't know if Adrienne had tried to call me about not making it, or what. I also started wondering if I hadn't misunderstood her e-mail, that perhaps she said next Thursday instead of today. Oh well.

I got stood up by Cassandra for our 2:00 meeting today due to a family emergency. We've rescheduled it to week after next, as it's proactive work anyway -- nothing anybody is waiting for right now.

I left IBM with Courtney at about 4:30 to drop her off at the airport for her 5:40 flight. She gave her two-week notice today -- a big, scary step, but deep down she thinks, as do all of her friends, that it was the right thing to do. Her 6-month commuting stint has just reached two-years, and it's taking its toll. Besides, it's not like she can never be re-hired again down the road. I'm living proof of that.

At home, I had a salad, which was delicious, and a chicken breast fillet sandwich. Just yum.

For some reason, I just felt blah in class tonight. I wasn't disinterested or disengaged, but I really didn't feel like participating,verbally at least, for some odd reason. Not sure what it's all about [, Alfie]. I was participating mentally, though, so that's good.

I made good progress on my genre analysis paper tonight. Yippee.