February 8th, 2005

Another day...

OMG, this woman is a hoot. I've added her to my friends list, as she is on LiveJournal.

I got in to work at 7:55 only to find e-mail from Janette that it was after midnight, and she was still working. "I probably won't make 8:00 in the morning." And she didn't. Oh well. I appreciate having motivation to get into the office early, so I can leave early.

I updated my blog with "links" to everyone else's blogs in my ENG 519 class. Now I don't have to go to the class home page, and get to them from there. Also, from that webpage, each blog opens in a separate window. On my page, they open in the same window, so I can just use the back button, and bonus, when I go back to my list of links, which is in the middle of my blog page, it stays scrolled where the list of links is. I can check them all much faster now. The list of links is down the left side, in the navigation pane.

I got an email from a friend today with this link it. Quite nice. Have your speakers on.

Class was a little frustrating tonight. Too much to do, too little time to do it. Left without a clear "plan" on how we're logistically to get done what we didn't get done tonight.

I stopped at HT after class, and got oranges (which the cashier rang up as grapefruits), granny smith apples, bananas, a butternut squash, some pineapple tidbits, a vinegar bottle, a vegetable peeler, 5 yougurts, and some jalapeno pepper jack cheese.

At home, I peeled the butternut squash. I would pay up to $2.00 extra to buy butternut squash already peeled for me. I chopped it up in cubes, and steamed the pan full of cubes for 10 minutes. Then I mixed them with the mixer. I squashed the squash, if you will. I peeled and cut up the cucumbers. Quarter-inch slices then 4 slices piled on top of each other and cut once vertically and once horizontally. In the Glad storage container. Ready to drop into salads by the handful. I wonder if this is the kind of thing the Desperate Housewives do.

Uncle Dennis had left a message for me about the cruise. He had the dates wrong. It's a week earlier, which means it leaves on the day I'm supposed to be flying back from my P-Town vacation. Still doable, but more logistics to deal with now.

I got the most touching card in the mail today from Robert. It made me cry. The sweetest man on earth, I tell you.