January 31st, 2005

Catching up with Joe-Joe...

I started the day off on the wrong foot, or the wrong hand should I say. The wrong hand on the clock. I had inadvertently set my alarm for 7PM instead of 7AM. I woke up at 7:55, thank goodness, so wasn't too late. I was dreaming that I had just missed the bus into Manhattan, and someone else was kindly telling me how I could catch an alternate one.

At work, I found out that Madeleine McBroom's husband died over the weekend.

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I let Donna know about it. I intend to attend the memorial service tomorrow.

The MSBC minus Mary had a quick pow-wow to discuss Mary's 50th birthday, which is Wednesday. I sent the link to the pandacams to Courtney and Mary who just loved them.

Today, I organized my class handouts in the new folders I bought yesterday. It's nice to have all those papers organized.

Class was interesting tonight. Dr. Dicks finished early, and I suggested we take the "door tour" that we missed due to the snow. I think the class may have groaned, wanting instead, understandably, just to leave early.

At the first door, when Dr. Dicks was pointing out its "affordance," I caught Courtney rolling her yes. I said, "Girl, look at it this way. You're getting graduate course level credit for looking at these doors."

"You're absolutely right," she said. She got a big smile on her face. "You're right. Very good point." When we started heading to the main entrance door, the whole class walking together, I said, "This is the door I'm most interested in. Because my car is on the other side of it." Laugher all around.

From there, I ran to pick up the agreed upon MSBC gift for Mary's 50th, and then met Joe at Cary Towne Center in the food court. We got coffee at Gloria Jeans Coffee, and sat at one of the tables just outside it, and Joe caught me up on his weekend. I caught him up on what little he missed here.

From there, I came home, and had dinner. I tried the Seafood Newburg entree tonight, which started off being a little too "fishy" for my taste, but by the end I was enjoying it. I will probably re-order it, but only one, for next month. Oh that reminds me, I got my notice that my "autoship" of next month's food will be sent this Friday. I talked to the rep on the 800 number and got it delayed by one week, as I got an extra (free) week of food since I started this month. You would think "the computer" would factor that in.

I left at 9:45 to go work out. I spoke with both Joe and Robert on the way. I just did the elliptical tonight, and burned off 400 calories for 30 minutes work.