January 18th, 2005

Cancellation and elation...

I had to cancel my appearance at the WIM/TUM PET meeting today because my demo wasn't ready. I absolutely hate that. Greg was very understanding, though. He, like me, would rather do it later and have it work, than to go in there with something faulty. I couldn't get up with Jason during the day to get the problem fixed.

I left work just before 5 thinking I had to be at class at 6, and on the way home realized that tonight's class was not until 7:30. I took advantage of the found time, and stopped by the Harris Teeter on the way home. I got lots of fruit and veggies, and some cheese and yogurt. The database that stores all of my purchases through my VIC Card is going to be like, HUH? Is this John shopping? Where's the potato chips, cream cheese, and pizza? We'd better alert the home office. Maybe someone has stolen his card.

I forgot to mention yesterday that my eight Soul Ballads and two Duet Soul Ballads CDs arrived in the mail yesterday. My house is full of soul today.

Steve sent me a reference in Sunday's N&O to my picture in the paper back in October. It brought back memories of all the conflama. (The reference in this article, "Does anyone out there not know about the famous "snuggling" photograph published on Oct. 21, accompanying a story about the increasing openness of gay people in society? The picture of two men on a bed sparked a heavy outpouring of reader communications...," would be referring to the picture of me and my boyfriend.)

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Class was interesting tonight. We discussed Ben's questions, Dr. Swarts went through his notes, and we started a rushed exercise at the end of class. The links to everyone's blogs are published now, so look forward to checking those out.