January 14th, 2005

Richard Z's birthday...

I actually went into the office today, after working from home on both Wednesday and Thursday. I worked on my presentation for the WIM/TUM PET meeting on Tuesday.

We had lunch at Kemp's Seafood. <Excuse me>... this beautiful, beautiful song, When I Think About Cheating, by Gretchin Wilson has just come on the radio. This is one of those songs that the more I hear, the more I love it. I love the "...but it just took one, two-step with someone..." line in it. Okay, back to lunch. It was Richard Z.'s birthday, and me, Jay, Steve, Ken, Jon, and Richard, of course, met there for lunch. We talked about a possible EAGLE vacation this summer. These possibilities were mentioned: a western Caribbean cruise, Ireland, Provincetown (for Carnival), and Amsterdam. My vote was P-Town for Carnival, as I'm already planning to go there. Though another vacation at the beginning of the summer appeals to me, too. The "vacation committee" will be putting out a survey to the membership soon.

For dinner, I had the Teriyaki Beef with Rice, which was okay. I'm not crazy about the little cubes of beef that are often used in stew, which were what was in this entree. The more I ate it, though better it got. I'll reorder that, but not as many as I might have before tasting it. I steamed some broccoli, and had a salad with it.