January 11th, 2005

Ski plans...

I am still thinking of bits and pieces of the movie, Kingdom Come, that I saw over the weekend. A line from the movie made an impression on me, so much so that I'm still thinking about it. One of the characters, Lucille, is the type of person that is always trying to make everything right. Throughout the movie she is mostly trying to make things right with her husband and his family. Toward the end of the movie her husband has just had a heart-to-heart talk with his mother (Whoopi), and gets in the truck with Lucille to drive home. He tells her a little bit about what they talked about, and she immediately jumps in to her helpful mode starting to make suggestions, and he looks at her and says, "Lucille! Don't fix it. Can we just let it be broke for a while?" This idea of just letting something "be broke" for a while is a foreign one to me. I'm wrestling with it.

I was home this evening, but as I went out to check my mail at about 6:50, I found a UPS slip on the door that they had "missed me." WTF? I wonder if my doorbell is working only intermittently. Oh well. I'm working from home tomorrow, so I should catch them then.

I made my reservations for Gay Ski Week at Tahoe today. I can't believe that the room is only $95/night, and it's got a King Size bed, DVD player, balcony, fireplace, and full kitchen. I used some American Airlines frequent flyer points for my flight, so that will cost $10. The deal. I'll leave on Wednesday, March 9, and arrive at the resort at about 1:30. I'll ski Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and have a "red-eye" flight leaving the Reno/Tahoe airport just after midnight Sunday night. I get back at noon on Monday. I'm taking that Monday and Tuesday off work in case I have any homework due that I should have done during spring break instead of having fun. :-) I can't wait. Now to lose some weight.

After class, I checked in with Robert, and after waiting for an hour or two to see The Amazing Race with Rodney, they found out it wasn't on tonight.

I checked in with Joe, and we agreed to meet at 9:30 at Flex for Karaoke night. Shortly after we arrived, Doug arrived, and the night went nutso from there. That boy is so crazy. We played a couple of games of pool. I scratched on the 8-ball, which left Joe to play the guy/girl (cross-dresser) who had put his/her name up on the board to play next. Doug ended up playing him/her, and he (Doug) scratched on the 8-ball.

Joe, Doug, and I left there at 11:30, and went to IHOP. God, Doug had us rolling there. He never fails to make Joe and I laugh until our sides are physically aching. Tonight was no exception. He ordered this "build your own" omelet to make it "Atkins-style," and ended up paying $10.95 for an omelet -- at IHOP mind you. That, with the Chicken Strips and the Diet Coke, put his bill high enough to have to use a credit card -- 19 bucks and some change. Bless his mess.

ENG 519 Blog Introduction

Tonight was the first night of ENG 519, and I think this is going to be a fun class. One of our assignments is to introduce ourselves in our blog, so here it goes.

My name is John Martin. Note: Whenever you follow any of the links in this blog entry, use the "Back" button on your browser to return here to my blog.

I went to 7 different schools the first 7 years of school. The gory details are here.

I like to stay busy. Click here to see a typical month for me, in fact it's this month's calendar from my Palm Pilot. My friends are always saying, "Can you do x on y?" I respond, "Check my calendar." (You can see my ski trip planned during Spring Break in the month of March's calendar. :-))

I've had the opportunity to travel to some wonderful places in my lifetime. This is the advantage of being old. :-) Click here to see a chronological listing -- 2004 is at the bottom.

I have many interests, which is why my calendar is always so full. I love to two-step and line dance. All of the dances I know so far are, you guessed it, listed here.

I see very few mainstream movies, mostly because they usually don't engage me. These are the movies I have seen -- 2004 to present.

I do not own a television, and haven't since March of 2002. Instead, I see plays, and attend theater. Several years ago, I worked just outside NYC for about 6 months, and I saw a ton of Broadway plays. You can see a list of them (surprise, surprise), along with lectures, operas, and concerts I've attended, here.

In 2003, I went on the ride of a lifetime. I rode my bicycle 350 miles from Raleigh to Washington, DC. It's all documented. Hmmm. It starts here. I haven't completed all of the days yet, some 1.5 years later, but you can actually hear some funny recordings on one of the pages. During some of the ride, I carried a digital recorder with me, and recorded pit stops, and sometimes even while riding. You can listen to a couple of them on this page.

As you might have guessed by now, I like having things organized and documented. My cremation plan is fully paid for, and my my last wishes are documented, including my memorial service plans and my obituary.

As if all that wasn't enough to "get to know me," you can see pictures of me growing up by clicking here.

If you've lasted this long, you surely are a trooper! Thank you for your interest and attention. I look forward to learning about each of you in your blogs.