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December 29th, 2004

Dinner and dancing...

I picked up Jay at 11:45 at the Airport. He returned from Christmas in Ohio with a keyboard in tow. He's going to teach himself. It's one of those that hook up to his computer. He has so many gadgets.

I stopped by Mr. Toad's Coffee House on High House Road in Cary, and released those 9 books. There were probably already 25-30 free books there, and I added mine to them.

I got a cup of coffee while I was there, and they actually have an aquarium/terrarium in there with frogs in it. They also have Internet connections a la those at Papa Joe's. They didn't have AIM on them, though. I tried to check my e-mail from one of them, but couldn't get in to webmail.nc.rr.com. I didn't try again.

I got the floor picked up in the guest room today, getting all of my papers organized from last semester, and the books and papers from my classes of the first two semesters organized on the book cases. I hope to keep building that section as I progress through the program.

Robert arrived shortly after 5:30, and we went to Rock-o-la for dinner. He had chicken tenders, and I had the turkey, turkey club sandwich. Yum. Our waiter was a little hunky, overly polite and very attentive.

Back at the house, I caught up this journal, and Robert took a nap. We're heading out to Flex at around 8:30 or so. I'm not really feeling into dancing tonight. I hope that changes. I have to leave there at about 11:30 to go pick up Joe at the airport.



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