November 24th, 2004

Festive night of dancing...

Robert came over after work, and we started off with celery with pimento cheese appetizers. We had grilled fish fillets (one lemon and pepper, the other blackened), baked potatoes, and applesauce for dinner.

We got to dancing a little before 9:00, and though I thought it was going to be a "slow" night, it got quite festive before it was all said and done. That weren't that many dancers there, usually four of us at a time on the dance floor, but it wasn't bad. It was Brigner's birthday, so some time was spent on that -- with a cake and singing happy birthday.

There was a "cute cowboy" named Justin there, visiting from Tennessee, and I had a two-step with him. Steve came out, and spent a lot of time with Doug (not pop-pop Doug, the other one of the "Ernie-Kevin-Doug posse"). Turns out they went to grade school together in Benson.

Shawn and I did a couple of CC shots. Little did I know how not a good idea this was, which I would discover Thursday morning.