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November 21st, 2004

The Chrome Pony lurks...

Yesterday, you said you'd ride today...

I checked my email, the obits, and the weather report for the day.


I had breakfast, waffles, and used up the last of the syrup.

You said you would ride today...

I read some of The Nuclear Age. I started to fall asleep toward the end of the chapter.

You really shouldn't sleep. It's a nice day. Yesterday, you said...

I turned on the sound machine, and turned away from the window, deep in my pillows, and...

But, yesterday...

...restless. I got up after not sleeping for about 30 minutes, and went to the computer.

You said...

I played two games of Zuma.

Check the weather again. It's perfect out there for a ride...

I went downstairs. There it was. Lurking by the chair. The "chrome pony." I pulled it out and tried to inflate the tires. The end of the pump wouldn't stay on the valve stem. I jammed it, then remembered it needed the adapter, which is hidden in the pump at the end.

I put it on, but not right. It wouldn't pump. I was getting a little annoyed. Then, I remembered that you have to unscrew the valve on the stem before putting the adapter on it.

Who thinks it's been too long since I've done this?

I finally got them both pumped up, loaded my saddle pack with my cell phone, wallet, and keys -- hoping I wouldn't have to call Joe to rescue me from a flat tire.

I decided to just follow the Bike Route signs posted on the side of the road, and it turned out to be a great ride, and so close to home. It took me 40 minutes to do the loop, and of course I had to go out right afterwards and measure the distance. I'm now somewhat motivated to hook up the speedometer/odometer I bought a few months back.

What a nice ride it was. Peaceful (except crossing Western Blvd. twice). Beautiful, the leaves were changing on several trees. Neighborhoods right near me, and I've never seen them before. I anticipated the route to be about 2 or 2.5 miles, but it turned out to be 5.5. Yippee!

I went to Quizno's and got me a sammich. I checked in with Joe. We're meeting at Helios for a cup of coffee at 6:30, and then heading to Flex around 7:00.



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