November 13th, 2004


I was not nearly as productive as I wanted to be today. In addition to a 3-hour nap, I wasted about 2 hours of the day playing Zuma. I did get in the one-hundred-teens one game, at least. I did get a bunch of papers cleaned out, between my work papers and school papers. And I did two loads of laundry.

Joe called at about 10:05 to say that he officially would not be called in now (for his 7-11 "on call" shift), and that he was meeting Loren at Flex at about 10:30. I finished my Zuma game, and hopped in the shower at about 10:25.

I chose four cans from my pantry to take to Flex for the food drive... 4 canned goods gets you in free, which it did. I got there a little after 11, and was surprised to find neither Joe nor Loren there yet. As it turned out, Loren had been there, but I hadn't seen him walking around. In fact Joe was there for 5 or 10 minutes before we saw Loren. I think he was hiding. :-)

It was the usual leather crowd. This one guy said hello to me that caught me completely by surprise. He said, "Hi!" like we were old friends. I knew I had the "deer-in-the-headlights" look, which Joe later confirmed, while I was thinking, "Do I know this guy? He really doesn't look familiar."

"You're the Wednesday night dance man," he said. "Oh, hi!" I said, as if I then recognized him, but did not. He was wearing no shirt, and a leather harness, and just a little too much waist to really pull it off. Oh well, he was nice enough.

I bought Joe a beer, then he bought us each a Jello shot. We had another round of drinks there, maybe two, and then rode over to CCs. Joe had parked down by the Clarion, and I was over by Second Empire, and Loren was right out back -- behind CCs. He wanted to move his car, so we rode with him. He parked in the parking deck next to Hargett, which I didn't realize was so close, and free to boot. I'll file that away. I also filed away the enormous amount of parking space there is behind Flex -- Joe noted the same thing -- neither of us has ever parked back there.

Steve arrived after a little while -- dropped off by Brian following their outing at Rum Runners. Me, Joe, Loren, and him pretty much hung out together. After a little bit, Joe and I went into the Piano Bar, and sang our hearts out on some songs. It was fun.

Steve asked me to take him home, and coerced me (yeah, right) into pulling through the drive-thru at the Cookout on 70. We ate at his house, which didn't put me home until close to 4AM.