October 13th, 2004

Birthday Boy...

Rhonda bought me lunch in the cafeteria. How sweet! I had sliced ham, mashed potatoes, and cabbage.

Courtney and I left work a little after 5. She dropped me off at home, and she ran to Quail Ridge to return an audio book. She and Robert arrived at the house at the same time. I left for class about 10 minutes later.

Meagan knew it was my birthday from Peg, and wished me as much. Peg knew because I had sent her email from IBM during the day, in which my signature read, "Yours, one year older today, John."

Susan let class out at 8:30 as the Presidential debates were on at 9.

I got to Flex at about 8:45, and found Robert's car already there, and out front. I figured, "Something's up." Inside the place was full of red and white balloons on the walls and everywhere, and facing the door was a huge poster of ME. Unbelievably funny! Robert had given Van a picture of my face, and he had doctored it up as follows:

John in shorts, t-shirt, tennis shoes, and cowboy hat.

There were birthday cake cupcakes and a huge container of Utz Cheese Balls (from Sam's), compliments of Robert, and everyone kept buying me drinks. Nice guys, who all signed one of my posters. Instead of playing the Happy Birthday song, Adam played, "Harper Valley, PTA." Perfect. He and Van gave me a great CD that they'd recorded, and a t-shirt with Dolly Parton on it. What fun!

I had a great night, thanks to a very special man in my life.