September 22nd, 2004

Fulfilling work day, class cancelled, and dancing...

I had a great two-hour phone meeting with Cassandra today. We nailed down our Effectiveness Analysis Criteria and Methodology for moving forward with it in the organization. I also had a good meeting with Greg and Govind with regards to process and ISO planning for the WIM/TUM project. They are both nice guys, which makes working with them fun.

Susan was still not feeling well, so canceled our class for tonight. Actually, we didn't have class, but had individual conferences scheduled with her to discuss our "Individual Projects" (as opposed to our "Group Projects," which we also have in that class). My conference was scheduled from 7:30-7:45, which would have been the first 15 minutes of our class if we'd had it.

She sent out an email inviting us to reschedule our conferences to Thursday, as she'd be coming into campus. I chose 1:45-2:00.

Dancing was fun tonight, in spite of some of the less desirables being there. I was really not bothered by either one of them tonight, though. To my surprise and delight, Joe-Joe showed up, and I talked to him on and off, for as long an interval as I could be away from the fan. :-)

Carl taught The Barn Dance, but never taught the switching partners at the end. I'm ambivalent about that. I think he should have taught it (or at least have mentioned it), because it is part of the dance, but I also see his (actually, Michael's) point that it took long enough to teach it without that added twist.