September 18th, 2004

Homework, dancing, flirting...

We started the morning with a romp in the MMMMMMMMMMMMM. I had coffee and toast for breakfast. Robert just had some coffee. Later, mid-morning we had a little appetizer-fest trying the Kalamata Olive paste I bought in Greece. It is very, very strong in flavor. We put some, ever so little the second time, on some Saltine crackers with some cream cheese.

Almost all of today was spent doing homework for me. I read the Peeples' text -- three very, very dense papers entitled, "What's Practical About Technical Writing?" "Whose Ideas? The Technical Writer's Expertise in Inventio," and "The Technical Communicator as Author: Meaning, Power, Authority."

I had to read several paragraphs in all three of these papers several times to "get" them, and had to take copious notes while reading as I couldn't remember what was in one article after starting the next, much less try to remember anything about all three of them for Monday night's class.

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I read Dicks' chapter on Estimating, which I needed to know before doing my paper that's due for Tuesday night's class. I fell asleep after that, from about 5:00 - 7:00.

We showered, and a couple of cocktails, and headed out to Flex for dancing. It was dead in there, but we actually had 5 or 6 dancers there, so started dancing at around 8:30 instead of the normal 9:15 or so, even though we're supposed to start at 8:00. It eventually got quite crowded, and we got to dance much later than usual. We usually stop at 10:30 or 11, but Brigner said just after 11 that if we move the fan so he can open the pool table, we could keep dancing. We danced probably for another half hour, and then Adam stopped playing songs that we knew dances to.

Joe and Steve came between 10 and 10:30, and after dancing we spent time talking with them. Doug and his friend Robert also came after a while. Eventually we all went over to CCs, where lots more drinking flirting took place.

Oh yeah, we stopped at the hot dog stand on the way there, and got a quick dog. During the evening, I did a couple of dances with Steve. For a few minutes, me, Joe and Doug went into the piano lounge where the girl who was Diane Champion's partner at the time of Diane's death was performing. She sang "Seasons of Love" from Rent, which I love. "Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes..."

I'm not sure what time Robert and I left CCs -- some time after 2, maybe 2:30. We stopped at the IHOP. It was totally jammed in there, but we got seated fairly quickly. Unfortunately, we did not get waited on fairly quickly, though. This waiter, who was a total spaz "darting here and there -- fast, but not organized) who was trying to "chill with the brothers" at this one big table, plus be a waiter. It appeared the he was "brokering" cell phone numbers between one "or more) of the guys at his table of six with some chickie-poohs on the other side of the restaurant. Something like that.

We eventually got our food, of which mine was somewhat disappointing. Fortunately, it came with pancakes, which were delicious -- especially with the butter that came on them, and the butter pecan syrup I poured on top of them. Yum. After some drama getting our check we bugged out of there. I think we got home close to 3:45 and to bed by 4:00.