September 16th, 2004

The rat race continues...

I had lunch with Adrienne today at Jason's Deli at Brier Creek. She had Cameron with her, and that kid is so adorable, even though he was being fussy today. She said he's usually quite the angel, but today was acting up. Cute, anyway.

We caught up -- she's always got so many things going, much like myself. They still have their hands in "Go Net," the Christian clothing venture has been on hiatus a little, but looking to start back up, and she's still working for Time Warner.

Cassandra and I were both not "into it" today, so we rescheduled our two-hour effectiveness analysis meeting to next week.

I went directly from work to class. We had a guest speaker tonight. Jill is a graduate of our MS program, and is currently the manager of a technical communications department at RTI. She spoke the entire hour and fifteen minutes, spent a little too much time on the 10 or 12 locations of RTI, and what each of them does, but overall it was an interesting presentation.

After class, which ended at 7:15, Tanya and I stayed and Will, from our other class, met us for a "team meeting." We each summarized the articles we had assigned to read, and talked about where we might go next in preparation for this class we have to teach later in the semester. I made a couple of ridiculous remarks to Will when we were talking about these journal analysis we did in "our other class" (meaning Tanya's and my other class) because Tanya and I were referring to them, and I wanted him to know what we were talking about. Well, DUH, that's the class that he's in with us and he did a journal analysis as well.

He didn't say anything, but he must have been thinking, "You dork, I know that. I'm in that class!" or "Great! Now I'm on a team with two ditzes." The confusion stems from the fact that some of us are in the same classes, some not, that both of my classes are in the exact same room, and the fact that we, the members of that other class, were meeting on the night that the other class meets -- in the same room. Bless my mess. This journal entry reminds me that I want to send him a note about that confusion.

I finally got home close to 9:00. Just another long day in a long "recovering from vacation" week.