August 9th, 2004

Back to the grind...

My Monday meeting was lightly attended today, but the shit hit the fan between Randy and Cassandra. I called Helen afterwards, and then called Cassandra to give her an opportunity to vent. I know she is at wit's end with that team! Thank God she returned to work, or I would be dealing with them.

I set up lunch dates for Wednesday and Thursday, which books me for lunch for the rest of the week.

I checked the TCW mail on the way home, and there was tons of it.

I ate at Two Guys, the Monday night lasagna and salad special. Yum.

I stopped by Fred's Beds to pick up my bed, and the order wasn't right. I got the head board and foot board, but the frame was not ordered correctly. Nick submitted a reorder, and the correct frame should be in on Friday.

I checked in with Joe to see if he wanted to grab some suds, but he was too crammed tonight after a long weekend, and just getting back into town today.

I tried to connect with Chasman for coffee, but he was unable to meet tonight.

I played three games of Zuma tonight. I really don't want to get in that habit again.

I should have gone to Best Buy. I'll call tomorrow from work to find out when they have their Canon rep in the store. I also want to ask them if I can buy a DVD player that connects to a computer monitor instead of a television.