July 24th, 2004

Shopping, bears, and accidents, oh my!

I got up at about 9:30, had breakfast, read through the obits, and played three games of Zuma. On that final game, I broke 100,000 points, and "retired." I spent a few minutes creating an announcement for my retirement, and posted said announcement to this journal. :-)

I ran out to this furniture outlet listed on the front page of that totally obnoxious "Mid-Week" newspaper insert that I not only absolutely hate finding in my mailbox each Wednesday, but have now started receiving delivered to my door in addition in a plastic bag! each week. Arrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh! (Don't get me started. Oh. Too late.)

But I digress. Anyhow, I was expecting this huge furniture outlet store, but in reality, it was quite small, and didn't have anything that I had on my list, which of course I had with me being the shopper-hater and targeted-shopper that I am. I'm looking for two very specific things: a black bed frame on wheels, and a desk.

From there, way the hell over on Capital Blvd, which I also hate, I drove over to the Target at Crossroads, where I returned a $4.50 roll of baby shower wrapping paper that I didn't use, getting back almost enough to cover the gas to drive there.

From there, I went to REI, and spent my $100 gift certificate from Courtney. I bought a Cat Eye Cordless 7 Computer for $55 and a pair of cargo shorts for $32. With tax, it almost used the whole gift certificate. Thank goodness. One less thing to keep track of, even though I would never ever pay $32 for a pair of shorts if I were paying for them. So far no one's noticed that they're any nicer than my other pair of cargo shorts, which I got for $12.99 at Sam's Club.

From there, I did the "furniture alley" on Glenwood Avenue, starting at a (new) Furniture Outlet store (which was totally lame, having almost exclusively sofas, which I wasn't in the market for), then over to The Oak Furniture Store (where I fell in love with at least 3 desks), and then Rooms to Go, and, finally, to Rhodes Furniture.

No beds that meet my requirements at all, so will call back to Fred's Beds and order that first one I looked at last week. I'm toying with the desk situation. The one I want is just so big that I worry how it might cramp that guest bedroom. Besides it's oak, and everything else in that room (well except the bookcases) is black. AS IF "things matching" has ever been an issue for me. Of course what appeals to me about the desk is that, functionally, it's exactly what I need.

I took a nap before heading out to Flex, at which I arrived somewhere between 10 and 10:30. That place was as packed as I have ever seen it, especially at such an early hour. It was ridiculous. I guess "Bear Weekend" has gotten really popular. It was fun to be one of the "thin" ones (it's all relative people) there for a change, so you know there were some big girls there.

I spent some time with Joe and Steve. Also making appearances were Alan, Rick (who recently moved to California, but was back visiting), Mike & Andy, Doug, and I'm sure a couple of others I've missed.

Late in the night, at about 1:00, I think, somebody fell down the stairs going out of the club. Doug found out about it first, and came over to get Joe, as a nurse, to help. Poor Joe. The guy was lying down with his head on the floor, surrounded by a big pool of blood and his feet were up the three bottom steps. His lover, or boyfriend, was down on his knees next to him, just wailing, "Wake up! Wake up! My God. Wake up!" It was all very unnerving, and somber. Joe had trouble finding the guy's pulse at first, but eventually did. Brigner called 9-1-1, and everyone just waited until the EMTs arrived. The guy was still alive when they took him away.

From there we went to the "after hours" party, where things went on that won't, and rightfully shouldn't, be documented here. Joe and I left there shortly before 4:00AM, with our friend Steve still, let's just say, "engaged."