July 22nd, 2004

Teaching Aussies...

I officially worked from noon to 9PM today, but actually logged into work from home at about 10:00, and was on and off all day. Liz changed the call-in number for my class to the IBM Australians this evening, so I decided to go into work to teach the class from there rather than making a long distance call to Australia for an hour from my home phone. As it turned out, that was a good decision, as I stayed on the line afterward with five folks, and we talked for nearly 1.5 hours. I ended that call feeling very good about my contribution.

I went to Flex, where I spent most of the time talking with Mike M. Rodney performed, and though he looked a little silly in drag with that big old blond goatee hanging off his chin, he was quite entertaining. I couldn't get change fast enough to give him a tip while he was dancing, but afterward, when he was showing off the light contraption on his boobs to some guys standing next to me, I stuffed a $10.00 bill into his bra.

I left there at about 1:10, and had a bologna sandwich on pumpernickel when I got home. Yes, with five "puckles," one in each corner, and one in, if it were a bingo card, the free space. :-)