July 17th, 2004

Busy day...

We got up at around 9:30 or 10, and just had coffee. We left the house just before 11, and headed out to Allen & Son Pit Cooked Bar-B-Q in Chapel Hill, where we got two BBQ sandwiches and three orders of fries to go.

We went to Robert's mom's house and had our lunch with her. The BBQ and fries were delicious. I saw the urn with Jim's ashes, saw one of Jim's old guitars, heard about him mom's final pottery piece purchase (of a 12-piece set), and we were given a tour of her garden, both flowers and vegetables, before we left. It was a nice visit.

We stopped at "the doc's" house to visit Fran on the way out, where we met the cute little doggies. The newest little one is so cute.

From there we visited Robert's family cemetery, which is actually a church cemetery where some of his family is buried. We visited his dad's grave, and saw his grandparents' and an aunt's. I liked this part of our day.

From there we went by the Chapel Hill Library off Estes street to return three of Robert's brother's books for his mom.

Back home, we took a 30-40 minute nap, and then left for Joe's for a cookout. We had yummy appetizers, including the H&D dip, and then burgers and baked beans for the dinner.

Robert and I picked out our movies for the Film Festival, and then we all watched a DVD of Cher's (Miami) Farewell Tour.

We left at 6:30, as Joe, Ben, and Dale were headed out to Regency Park to hear KD Lang sing along with the NC Symphony.

We took another nap, and then left for dancing at about 8:20 or so. It was not crowded, but eventually it did get that way.

We danced until about 11, at which time the music switched over and Brigner set the place up for "Stetson and the Cowboys."

As usual, I really do not enjoy watching strippers, and I got in a real funky mood the closer they came to coming on. The things I don't like about it:

  1. The "encouragement" by the DJ or emcee to scream and yell like we live for this.
  2. The dancers' "stuffed" thongs.
  3. The dancers rubbing all over you when you know if they weren't looking for a tip they wouldn't give a guy like you the time of day in a bar.
  4. There wasn't a hairy one in the bunch.