July 15th, 2004


Music Currently Loaded in my Car CD Player

Alan Jackson

Brooks & Dunn

Eva Cassidy

Englebert Humperdink

Josh Groban

Reba McEntire

Uneventful day. I stopped by Fred's Beds on the way home and put a full size bed "on hold." It has a black headboard and footboard, and the frame will be on wheels. It's $229. I will look around this weekend for something different, and hope to decide by Monday. I'm not unhappy with this one, I just don't want to buy the only thing I've seen.

I stopped at the HT after that and saved $18 on a $55 order. Cool.

At home, I played too much Zuma, and then went to Flex. It was pretty dead there. When I first got there, Wes (of Jay and Wes) was there with a friend named Peter who seemed like a real grump. No "life" in him. Wes mentioned that he (Peter) was flying to London this weekend. "It's tomorrow," he said curtly. No smile. No verve. It was a quick business trip, and he seemed totally put out by it. They left after about a half hour.

David arrived after that and I spent most of the time there talking with him. Patrick came in shortly before I left, but I was sitting by myself way in the back corner on the pool table, and he didn't see me. He seemed to be "cruising," so I left him alone, and left shortly after that.