July 6th, 2004

Back to work...

Yay, it's Tuesday -- not Monday. No meeting to prep for. At the last minute, our weekly TIGR meeting was canceled. Yay again.

I met with Dana D. all afternoon going through the ITIM project's team room and documents in prep for the end of the month ISO audit. Lots of nonconformance potential. :-( Her laptop "blue-screened" twice while we were using it. Not good.

At home, I washed the sheets in the guest bedroom in preparation for Courtney's stay tonight. I ate the leftover spinach, mushroom and garlic pizza from yesterday. I played Zuma.

Courtney arrived at about 8:00. I made a CPK pizza for her, and ate a piece myself, wrapping up the other piece for tomorrow.

We made kettle popcorn, and watched Ma Vie En Rose together - an at once heartwarming and heartbreaking movie. This is another of the three movies Van and Adam have loaned me on DVD.

Movie synopsis: Seven year-old boy puts on a dress and his family's life is turned upside down. Even his own parents turn on little Ludovic. An honest, disturbing, yet entertaining, story of intolerance, small-mindedness and paranoia that's a sensitive and worthwhile film.

I did a couple of crossword puzzles before falling asleep.