June 24th, 2004


We had a 15 minute meeting in Mel's office that should have taken 5 minutes. We went over general building security, it seems that over $12,000 worth of equipment has been taken out of the building since the first of the year. After the meeting, I sent Mel a note about the lack of security down at the dock.

At about 2:30, Joe came on AIM, and at that instant, I thought, "Oh shit! I'm supposed to take him to the airport today!" That's what he was checking in about, so it all worked out. I left work at about 3:40, and got to his house right at 4:00. He was ready, and I dropped him off at Terminal A, without incident.

I worked most of the night on last minute touches to my Tour de Friends page(s), as Joe was going to access them while up visiting his folks. I should have packed, but didn't. Tomorrow will be hectic now.