June 16th, 2004

"Top 10" and dancing...

Uneventful work day. No meeting with Cassandra today. I'm beginning to think Wednesday's are not a good day for us to meet. We had our weekly call with Allan. I think he's lonely. I'm annoyed with the rescheduling of the 06/23 GLBT Education Module, but I'm dealing with it. I hate when things are unsettled. That would be the "J" in "ESFJ."

Ran this utility against my journal. No big surprise, except that I have no idea who darkmalice and pendragon are, and don't at all remember them commenting on my journal. I had to fuss with the XML and HTML to get the utility to work, which in a sense was annoying (even though the utility is provided "as-is"), but in another sense it was rewarding to figure out the problem.

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Dancing was fun tonight. I met Steven's Rusty, who seemed like a real nice guy.

When we got home, Courtney was asleep, and my office key was on the desk by the door. Good sign.