June 14th, 2004

Walking and coding...

My Monday meeting went well today. The reaction/response to my effectiveness analysis was underwhelming. Oh well. I got responses from both Carl and Alan on my follow-up Will & Ned poster. Nothing from Mel and Mark. Typical.

I received acknowledgment for my thank-you notes to both Chris and Barry for their participation in the conference on Friday.

I left work at about 5:50, and met Steven at Carmichael to walk. On AIM we said, "let's just start walking as soon as we each get there, and we'll eventually catch up with each other." It was so weird, I didn't see him until I was on my 6th lap. In the middle of our second lap around together, I said, "What lap are you on?" He said, "7." The same lap I was on. We had both done 6 laps without seeing the other. We did 27 laps for a total of 4 miles.

That P.E. teacher that held the glance a little two long last week was there again with another of his classes.

I stopped by the Food Lion on the way home and bought raisins, bread, eggs, two frozen dinners, ground beef, and bologna.

I reheated the remaining spaghetti, and cooked two pieces of garlic bread to have with it. Yum.

I worked on my web page, the "Last Wishes" section.