June 13th, 2004

Work and play...

I caught up my journal, and Robert "fixed me" breakfast. He toasted me an energy bar, and brought it up to me along with a hard-boiled egg, and a cup of coffee. Sweetness. He had a little bite, some coffee, and did the N&O crossword puzzle.

He left around noon. I showered and headed out to work. I had a productive day at work, which will make prepping for my standing Monday meeting easier tomorrow.

I left work at about 6:45 to meet Joe at Flex for 7. We touched base along the way, and when he called I was approaching the RBC center on the Wade Avenue exit of I-40, and he was on Edwards Mill approaching the Wade Avenue exit near the RBC center. As I approached the entrance onto Wade Avenue from Edwards Mill, there he was in his truck. Too weird.

We spent the first hour or so at Flex talking with Andy and John, and waiting for the pool table to come empty. We ate a lot of shelled peanuts. We played several games of pool, with only a brilliant shot once in a blue moon.

I was really ready to go before Karaoke started (at 9:30), but Joe said, "Let's wait to see the first few singers. They were starting a "Karaoke Idol" competition, which, if last night's participants were any indication, is going to be "not so much."

Joe and I walked over to Snoopy's, where I got a hot dog and fries, and he got a Turkey Sub, which looked half decent.

We walked back to our cars, and drove home.