June 12th, 2004

The Man on the Train

Since we got to bed by about 10:30, we were up by 8:30. I made mushroom, onion, and cheese scrambled eggs, which we had with some toast and coffee. It was pretty yummy if I may say so myself.

I worked on my Tour de Friends web page, converting my Training Journal from Word to HTML.

At around noon or 12:30, we headed out to Sam's with a two-fold mission. One, to see what food samples were available, and two, for me to get a bunch of non-food items like paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, etc. The food samples were lame, so we had to eat lunch somewhere afterwards. :-)

We stopped by the Bruegger's on Avent Ferry on the way home. Robert had a bagel with cream cheese and lox, and I had a chicken, bacon, and swiss cheese sandwich on a bagel. We ran into one of the guys Robert works with there, and took the "E" sectionwhich contained the crossword puzzle, of one of the newspapers laying around there. No sense letting it go to waste.

Once home, Robert was a dear and dragged the bed up to the computer screen, and we watched The Man on the Train. This movie was in French with English subtitles, and moved way too slowly for the both of us. We struggled to stay awake at parts, and it was really only "gripping" (if at all) near the end. It was also one of those movies in which you're not sure about what really happened.

Movie Synopsis: Milan (Hallyday), an enigmatic, aging gangster whose next job is to hit the bank in a small, provincial French town, arrives by train, and goes in search of aspirin to ease a migraine. There, he meets Manesquier (Rochefort), an elegant, retired schoolteacher of French poetry who is as chatty and friendly as Milan is taciturn and reserved. The older man offers his new acquaintance a room in his large mansion, and the two cautiously get to know one another.

Even though they appear on the surface to be complete opposites, Milan and Manesquier find that they have many things in common. Their guarded relationship slowly turns into one of mutual respect. Both men are approaching their twilight years. Manesquier fantasizes about robbing a bank, while Milan looks around at the comforts of his host's house and wonders what it would be like to enjoy a life of ease. As the two men talk about their lives, admiring and envying each other's lifestyle, a subtle osmosis occurs.

Robert took a nap after the movie, and I finished up the conversion of my training journal. We had a couple of cocktails, and some nachos before heading out to Alltel Pavilion for the Tim McGraw concert.

A Man's Man...

Though the concert was sold out, we didn't wait at all to get parked. Amazing. We ended up in our seats by about 7:10. The concert was scheduled to start at 7:30, but actually started at about 7:25.

The first warm-up band was The Warren Brothers. I had never heard of them, and didn't at all care for their music. It didn't sound country to me in any respect. I was glad that they only played for about a half hour.

After that, and while Big and Rich was setting up, we left our seats and went people-watching out in the food area. Lots and lots of people. Few and fewer beautiful people. Several people had big wet spots on their butts, presumably from sitting in wet spots on the lawn.

Big and Rich wasn't at all impressive to me either. Their only hit, that I know of, "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy," they must have played, no lie, for 20 minutes. They repeated it, they added musical riffs, they got one side of the audience singing (screaming) the "Save a horse," phrase, and the other side responding, "Ride a cowboy." I thought after a while: "Talk about beating a dead horse... let it go already."

Tim is such a stunningly beautiful man. All man. So masculine. All he had to do was wiggle his hips, or touch his belt, and the crowd went wild! The lighting and the "video walls" on the stage were extremely impressive. The sound system had problems in the last few songs he did, which was a little annoying. Overall, a great concert, though. Lucky Faith.

We got out of the concert in five minutes, literally; it was such a difference from our 1.5 hour wait to exit at the last concert.

Joe called while we were en route to Flex, and we agreed to meet at CCs at around midnight. Flex was all right; it was leather night, and we spent a little time talking to Walter and Bobby.

When we got to CCs, Joe was already there, and we later ran into Rob, and then most of Flex ended up there, as usual. We also ran into Adam and Van. Adam was wired. Oh to be 22. We got home at about 1:30.