June 5th, 2004

Coding and dancing...

I worked on revamping my web page all day. I met Steve and Joe for dinner at Red Dragon at 7:00. It was good to catch up, but I sensed a little tension between Joe and Steve.

I went straight to Flex from there, and got there at about 8:15. The place was dead. We didn't have enough dancers to start dancing until about 9:05. That was good for Robert as he got off at 8:00 in Chapel Hill, and arrived just after 9:00, so didn't miss any dances.

We ended up dancing until 11:00 instead of 10:30, thank goodness. Carl taught Bumpers, and only Steven took the lesson. Robert and I went out there, too, so he wouldn't be the only one.

There was a huge crowd there by 11:00, and we stayed until about 11:45.