May 27th, 2004

Back to work... sorta...

Court and I got to work at around 8:00. I had quite an unproductive day today, but was glad to be at work nonetheless. If Courtney wouldn't have been here, I probably would have worked from home, and done even less.

I had lunch with Jay, Robert F., Richard Z., Howard, and then Richard B. (from IBM Canada) joined us. We ate at Mr. Wok's. Buffet. Too much food. It was a belated birthday lunch for Jay. He liked my card: "When I was your age... rainbows were in black and white." :-) He also got a card from Richard Z. that he made a point of not reading out loud. Interesting.

I left work at about 6:20, and dropped Courtney off at the airport on the way home. Robert came over, and we started cleaning up the house for Saturday's cookout. At about 11:00, we headed out to Flex to meet Joe for Trailer Trash. Mark K. Mart was the emcee; thank goodness.