May 15th, 2004

Artsplosure & dancing...

We spent about two hours putting together my patio bar set. When we got to the final chair, we had a couple of problems: 1) the netting had a run in it, and 2) one of the screws was stripped. I'll call the 800 number on Monday to get it taken care of.

At about 1:30, we left for downtown, and attended the Artsplosure Anniversary celebration. We went there primarily to eat. Robert had a crabcake sandwich, and I had two hot dogs. We split some fries and a drink. Then we split a mocha milkshake and a funnel cake.

When we got back to the car, which I'd parked in the Moore Square parking deck, there was a note on my windshield from the driver of the huge econovan that was parked next to me, that she had hit my car on her way out. What a hassle. The damage is minimal; I think it will just need a paint touch up, but it's the whole ordeal of the body shop scheduling, mostly being downtown or out on Capital Blvd., etc. Just a major inconvenience.

We got to Flex shortly after eight, and it was pretty deserted. Things did pick up though as the night went on, and dancing was just a ton of fun. "Ike Adams," porn star, well not exactly a "porn star" per se, but "in porn," was there. He didn't perform (dance) or anything, he just walked around and talked with folks like another customer. That was actually cool. I hate when those porn stars come and try to get tips, and stuff. It's just lame.

Steve showed up, and he spent a lot of time talking with a guy named Gerald from Durham. Robert and I spent time talking with Tony (the rugby player), and a guy named Gary, who we met during the evening. It was a fun night.