May 9th, 2004

Worked out and drank out...

I met Steven at the gym at 1:00. I actually got there at 10 till, and sat out at the basketball court basking in the sun. Beautiful day. We did our usual elliptical machine and walk combo. There wasn't too much "scenery," as the semester is winding down, and summer is virtually here.

I met Joe at Flex at 7. When I arrived Joe wasn't there yet, but Loren was. Joe arrived shortly thereafter. The pool table was taken for quite a while, and Joe, Loren, and I talked and ate a shitload of peanuts in the process. We listened to Loren's rule of the lead dancer having to be taller than the follow. We also had a long discussion about bisexuality, which was quite interesting.

After a while, the table came empty, and we played several games of pool. I left there at about 10.