May 6th, 2004

Lame Lost & Found, and the MPIT Thanks email

First thing this morning, I called the Lost & Found office at the airport. I had a very frustrating conversation with the lady who answered the phone that went something like this:

"Hello, I either left my keys in my trunk or lost them somewhere in the airport some time between last Sunday and yesterday."

"Just a minute, let me get all the keys we have... Okay, I have everything that's been turned in since Sunday."

"Okay, my key ring is a two-part ring that you can push a little lever on, and they separate into 2 rings. On the one side are two keys, a big office key, and a small mailbox key. On the other ring are all the other keys, maybe about 8 of them. There is a gold medallion with the letter 'M' etched into it on it, too."

"All right. This is what I'm going to do. I'll go through each set of keys I have and you tell me if they're yours. I have a set with two Volvo keys and a house key on it."

"Nope. That's not it."

"I have a set with three business keys on it."


"All right, a set with a Nascar emblem on it..."

[interrupting...] "No, that's not it. My keyset is two rings that come apart, with two keys on one side, and a bunch on the other with that gold medallion with the 'M' etched on it."

"Okay, next I have two keys on a ring with a..."

I wanted to scream. She droned on through the rest of the list not ever describing anything close to mine. How frustrating.

I only had one meeting today at work, and that was the "GLBT Modular" (please!) meeting. It actually went well with no tension between Allan and me. In fact, we stayed on the line afterwards, and I shared my impressions of the MPIT conference with him, and he asked me about my coming out experience.

I left work late, at 7:05, and was supposed to meet Steven at Carmichael at 7:30. I called him to tell him I was running behind, but to go ahead, and I'd be there by 7:45, unless he could wait and just meet me there. He returned my call, but I had my radio loud, and by the time I noticed the lit keypad on my phone, it said, "Missed Call." I called him back but it was busy, he was leaving me a voicemail. After all was said and done, his message said that he'd meet me at 7:45.

I got home, put a Lean Cuisine in, and changed real quick while it was cooking. I ate, and rushed to the gym.

Steven and I were pulling up at the exact same time, gawked at the exact same men ont he basketball court and on the way to our machines, and had our 30 minute workout. We then did our (one-mile) walk. It was good to catch up with him. He burned off more calories than me, but I'm not competitive. :-)

Once home, I had an ice cream sandwich, and worked on my e-mail to the conference organizer and my line management all the way up to my 5th line manager, and IBM VP.

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