March 3rd, 2004

Class squared and dancing...

I took the Dreamweaver 1 class today at the ITTC lab in the library. I didn't understand that that's where it was though, and first went to the LTS / Delta admin offices on the Centennial Campus. Fortunately, I had left early enough that after I found out where it was I made it by only one minute after nine. Scott was a great teacher, and I got totally psyched about buying Dreamweaver and using it to do the web sites I have to do in both classes this semester, and then, this summer, to update my personal web page.

During our five minute class break, I got lost in the building and came to a hallway area with big comfy chairs in them in which two students were fast asleep. Ah, to be non-working undergrads. :-) On the way out, walking through the mall area in front of the library, kids were lounging all around in the grass. I wanted to join them instead of heading back to work. Oh well; I'll be better off than them come payday.

I taught the final scheduled Project Change Control Process education session today. Thank goodness to be done with that for a while. The collaboration website was totally hosed again. Good thing I was prepared with alternate arrangements.

Class was fun tonight. A couple of people still totally annoy me in that class, but overall it's a fun, and very participatory class.

Dancing was fun, but I was a little sore and tired tonight. Robert was so generous in sending Joe to me to shadow dance, and it was such a fun dance. Love doing that dance with him.