March 1st, 2004

Mom's birthday, class, and homework...

Alan didn't attend today's meeting again today. Helen was the only 2nd line on, but it went well. I left work at about 5:30.

I had dinner, and left for class at about 7:05. I called home from the parking lot of Thompkins, and mom was at Bingo, of course. I had a short, but nice, chat with Dad. He didn't sound too well, but said they were going to start their walking at the mall back up tomorrow, which is good. I told him to tell Mom that I called to wish her a happy birthday, and that my card should arrive tomorrow.

"She got it today," he said. Cool. I really didn't think I got it to the post office on time on Saturday, but evidently it made it.

I said, "I love you," and waited.

"Yeah, same here."

As I hung up I noticed there were 3 other students in the parking lot, and we were all on the phone. Yes, school has changed in 24 years. God, I sound so old when I make comments like that.

Class was fine. We're a fairly talkative group, which the professor just loves. He went over our paper that's due right after spring break, and I had to just sit back and smile as the class members drilled him about, "Do you want this? Do you want that? Will you take off for this? Can I send you my paper during the week to get some feedback that I'm doing it right? etc. etc. etc." My god people, it's not that complicated.

Once home, I spent the rest of the evening finishing my Website Information Plan for Thursday's class. I now only have the Storyboards to complete, which I need to do on my work computer, because I'm doing it in Powerpoint. I only have the Powerpoint Viewer at home. I should remedy that now that I can get the student discount on it.