February 25th, 2004

Class and Dance...

Carl Kessler's meeting in the 500 cafeteria was interesting today. He sure used the word fabulous a lot. I spoke to him before his presentation, and thanked him for selecting me to attend the MPIT conference in May. I was glad to hear that he usually calls a round table of the attendees for a little trip report.

Jay and I had lunch today at Rudino's. It was the usual B&M session, and Jay had a lot of negative things to say about TCW.

We had our department meeting from 3-4 on the new PBCs and the change from a variable pay program to a bonus pay program. I don't like the way Mel says "they" when referencing Tivoli management. He should use "we."

Class was a breeze tonight, as the professor had failed to schedule any assignment for this week, so had to "fill in the gap" himself. He showed us some interesting books about fonts, and other books about respected document designers in the business.

Dancing was sparsely attended tonight, but I had my usual great time.