February 24th, 2004

Board Meeting

I had a 5:00 - 6:30 work meeting with the Austin folks. The AMeB Quality Plan review. Randy Z just irks the living hell out of me. The CUPRIMDSO charts were not at all adequate.

I left work at 6:35, and headed straight to CUCC for the 7:00 meeting. I called Jeanie-baby on the way. She sounded in good spirits, and said, "Phly and Jimmy really want you to come see them." I need to check into a flight down there -- soon.

"Molly" was a guest speaker to the board about getting our organizational support a resolution about increasing the cigarette tax in NC by $.75.

It was Jan's 49th birthday, and Wayne brought a cake to celebrate. The meeting ran over, which is a recurring event.

I checked in with Robert once home, and he appreciated it.