February 5th, 2004

A day of cancelations...

I left work at lunchtime to take my 2-hour conference call starting at 2:00 at home. That way I could zip to class right after it. We waited for 10 minutes for Helen and Alan to call in; neither who did. The meeting was canceled and rescheduled for next week. Same bat time; same bat channel.

Shortly after that e-mail arrived from Dr. Brad canceling our class for tonight. He's having car trouble. Jennifer tried to hijack us into a "virtual class," but it didn't work. She and I ended up chatting for about 45 minutes.

I did the minutes from our 01/25/04 TCW Goals & Objectives Meeting, distributed them, and posted them to the tcworks group.

I answered Steve's e-mail.

I ran to Carmichael and did 45 minutes on the stairs, and then a 15-minute one-mile walk.

Back home I ate a delicious orange, and cut up the cantaloupe, which is so ripe and delicious!