January 26th, 2004

Cabin fever...

I awoke to a snowed-in, iced-in car, and parking lot. I logged into work just enough to see what was going on there, and then didn't bother with it the rest of the day.

I wrote out two thank-you cards, one to Mom & Dad C., and one to Nathan G. for the 42nd Street gift card. I packaged Michael E.'s "Elvira's Haunted Hills" DVD -- God knows what he sees in that. Looks ridiculous to me. I also filled out Nan and Jennette's commitment ceremony celebration response card.

Mom & Dad checked in by phone -- all seems to be well there.

At about 3:30, I took a walk to the post office and the Food Lion. I mailed the DVD to London (had to fill out a customs form for it), and put the letters in the mail there as well.

I bought a minimal amount of things at the grocery store cognizant that whatever I bought would be hanging off my arm all the way back. It was a brisk walk, and along the way, I picked up a Monday News & Observer from a pile of three of them left in the snow. My cheeks were all red when I got back. I checked the mail, and there was actually some from American Express in the box.

I can't find the cantaloupe I bought yesterday. I wonder if it's still in the trunk of my car.

I had various IM conversations today, with Steve, Robert, Gregor, Kathy B, and Jay.

I did the Word Jumble, the Crypto Quote, and the Crossword Puzzle in today's N&O. Fun.

The "kids" have been sliding down the hill on and off all day, and this evening.