January 24th, 2004

Reading, Stepping, & Inman...

Got a lot of reading done today in Dynamics of Document Design -- about a 110 pages to take care of both Monday and Wednesday's classes, since I have the Community Forum to attend on Tuesday night, and won't have much time for homework.

At around 1:30, I went to Carmichael Gym, and did the stair stepper for about 45 minutes, and then walked four laps around the indoor track. That place is just amazing.

I left the house at about 8:00, stopped by the grocery store, mostly because I'm out of coffee filters, but picked up some oranges, apples, and a cantaloupe to weather the ice storm expected tomorrow.

I met Robert out at Southpoint, we had a quick bite at Bear Cave (is that the name of it?), and then saw the 10:05 showing of Cold Mountain. I loved it. Again. Jude Law is a beautiful, beautiful man.

The movie ended at 12:45, and I came directly home.