January 14th, 2004


I met with Fran this morning to talk to him about "pens" for my class tonight. He gave me a fountain pen, a roller ball pen, a ballpoint pen (a "gravity" one, which also included a mechanical pencil), a bottle of ink, and a fountain pen replacement cartridge.

I completed my assignment for class, which included a write-up about naming my field of study "document design" (vs. information design vs. communication design), and a write-up about pens, including an interview with Fran.

Class was "okay." The professor said he wanted to give us a short lecture, and then run the rest of the class from the questions and examples we brought to class. I shared my field naming discussion.

The class sharing was a little lame as I was the only one who had obtained a copy of the text to read it. I turned my assignment in at the end of class, and asked about the implications of missing a week of school in September due to my planned trip to Greece.

I left class, and went directly to Flex to dance. It was a very festive night. There were a lot of people there, and it made me wonder where in the world the 7-9 dancers we're expecting to come in from Charlotte this weekend are going to dance. We're going to dance from 8pm -- 2am though, so that is going to be a blast.