October 19th, 2003

Birthday breakfast with Donna...

he alarm went off at 9, and I got up and showered. I met Donna at Gregory's at 10:00 for my birthday breakfast. I had french toast, two eggs over easy, and 4 link sausages. I actually didn't eat the third piece of french toast. Unusual for me. Donna and I had a good chat; she caught me up on her family.

I followed her from there to her house to see her stone work. It looks real good! I also saw the BAT (big ass truck) they bought on the Internet.

I went to work from there. While at work, I bought a new car over the Internet and phone from Laurel Toyota in Maryland through Carmax. I sent a note to Courtney to see what her travel plans were this week to see if I could ride back up there with her, and drive my new car back here.

I worked until 5:30, doing some personal stuff and some work, and then headed to Flex for 6:00. I stopped at the drive-through at Wendy's on 70 on the way, and in retrospect, it's a good thing.

I didn't get there by 6:00, so had to pay the $2.00 cover charge. Joe was already there, and I had the first of what was to turn out to be too many drinks. We played a few games of pool, as it's free on Sunday nights, and then watched the karaoke. Chris S. was there, and I chatted with him for a while, as was Mark Z., whom I also chatted with just a little. Ross was also there, and he played quite a bit of pool, too. Joe and I kept saying, "Okay, one more drink." Then, "Now we have to stay for two more hours." We ended up leaving after midnight.