October 17th, 2003

Games night, followed by bad drag...

I worked from home today, but not very much. I left for Games Night at about 7:10. A new guy, Chuck, was there when I arrived. Also, a new lady, Shelly, I believe, arrived shortly after that. I really liked both of them, and hope they both come back. I played a couple of games of Catch Phrase, a game of Taboo, and then two games of Pivot, which was okay.

I left there at about 10:30, and went to Flex for a while. There wasn't much happening there, a lot of (tournament) pool playing going on, which I watched for a while. Al was the only person there I knew, and he was heavily involved in the pool games.

At just before midnight, I went over to CC's to see the beginning of the drag show, which I thought started at midnight. I spent most of the time there hiding from Andre, and was actually successful at it. Later, Van came in, and I just stayed away from him as well, mostly because he went right over to Andre when he came in.

The drag show started at about 12:30, and the first "performer," and emcee, was making an out of town appearance, from San Jose or San Diego, I can't remember. After singing her first song, she started with the, "I'm from the west coast and I'm loud. Make some noise you bitches." Blah, calling us expletives, blah, more expletives, blah. I left before she went any further.