October 16th, 2003

"Marriage Protection Week," ugh...

I worked from home in the morning, and Smith Exterminating showed up at about 10:30. I signed a service contract for a year with them. I left at 11:00 to make the ITIM 4.5 Appreciation Luncheon at Maggianno's. I sat at a table with Brian, Vid, Barry, and Jim Ebert. Lunch was so delicious. We were served three courses, all family style, so we got to try four different salads, four different entrees, and two different desserts. Just delish. I took home some of the leftover apple crisp dessert.

I went to the rally against "Marriage Protection Week" downtown on the mall. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't the few number of people that were there. The organizers seemed pretty thrilled with the 30 or 40 people that were there, though. We went around the circle saying our name and why we were there. I introduced myself as the Secretary on the Board of Triangle Community Works. Shawn was there, and later Chris arrived, and then Jan.

A couple of people spoke, the most impressive being the (straight) pastor of UUF in Raleigh. She read a sermon she had given a few weeks ago, which said that she was no longer going to "invite the state" to the weddings she performs at her church, because the state is not invited to GLBT unions, and she doesn't want to contribute to that inequity. Powerful.

I left downtown at about 7:50, and drove to CUCC, where we had our abbreviated October board meeting. Jan was voted in as the official incoming co-chair (from acting), and David S. was voted in as acting Treasurer, replace Shawn, who was also acting Treasurer, though his part had become a bit overwhelming. He became a member-at-large on the board, still doing the newsletter and the media response network.

Robert got to my place at about the same time I got home. We had some nachos, and then headed out to Flex for Trailer Park Drag night. It wasn't nearly as crowded at it was in there last week. Thank God "Trixie" wasn't emceeing; Mary K. Mart was, who I like. I really enjoyed "Aquanetta" the most. She's "Patrick" when she's not Aquanetta or Miss Shitty Mess. We left there a little after 1:00.