October 7th, 2003

A productive day at home...

I had an incredibly productive "work at home" day today, spending the entire day writing up the improvements that need to be made to AMeB's PPD before Marilyn's next review. As a bonus, my 11:00 (TIGR) conference call got canceled.

At 5, I took a quick shower, and then headed over to Upper Cuts. Thomas wasn't there when I got there, and I read an interview with Barbra Streisand in the October 2003 Reader's Digest.

Thomas arrived, retrieved his number 5 clipper, and started on my hair. He told me that he and Rob had received a post card from Wes, saying he'd be home soon, and that he is bringing a "bride" with him. Oh, Lord. Drama. He'll be paying for the guy to be shipped back to Singapore in about 6 months. I can just see it.

From there, I went directly to Lake Johnson to do the 3-mile walk around the lake. I was a little itchy from the haircut, but made it around in about 45-50 minutes, not a moment too soon as it was starting to get late.

I used the back roads (Jones Franklin and Athens Drive) that I learned on my bike ride last week to get to Lake Johnson. I also noticed the Harris Teeter at the corner of Jones Franklin and Western Blvd, which is less than 2 miles from my house going up Jones Franklin to Athens to Kaplan. This is much closer than going to the one at Cameron Village. How long have I been living here now??? :-)

I stopped at the Harris Teeter on the way back, and stocked up.

Once home, I fixed me some hot dogs, and did some Travelocity.com and Southwestair.com searches for a week in Austin some time in the next month or so. There are no flights cheaper than $350. I think I'm going to put in a bid on priceline.com for the week of Oct 26 -- Nov 1. I sent a note to Irene to see how that will sit with her.

I sent Vivian a note about bringing Robert to the ECU game on 11/8.

I caught up this journal, and then did some more (IBM) work before going to bed. Tomorrow is "fun day" at work. I hope it's fun.