October 1st, 2003

Too much time on this meeting with Marilyn...

I spent the entire day finishing the creation of action items resulting from the reviews of AR-0179 and AR-0165 in case Marilyn follows that path during the meeting tomorrow. I also revised the e-mail note we'll be using to drive the meeting tomorrow and re-sent it to the participants.

Halfway home, I realized I forgot to include the last OBS in the note, and a pointer to the action item we'd opened on that. Oh well. Also, in the morning, first thing, I need to send a note out about "audit etiquette."

I left work at about 8:05, stopped at the Wendy's drive-thru on the way home, ate and changed at home, and headed out to Flex. I hit every red light on the way there, it was very frustrating. I arrived at about 9:05. Robert was there already, and there was quite a good crowd.

As usual, I danced, danced, danced! And had fun, fun, fun! Carl taught the dance to "Feel Like a Woman," and I did it with Chris Smith. Shottish came on during the night, and I couldn't find Robert anywhere. After about a quarter of the song played, I asked Mike to do it with me. He did pretty good, but I am totally in the groove with that dance with Robert. Turns out, he had run out to his car to change shirts.

We left between 11 and 11:30. At home we had a little snack, showered, and then MMMMMMMMMMMMed.