September 9th, 2003

TCW Board Meeting...

Tonight's board meeting ran over almost a half hour. In a way, it irritates me; in a way, we're making progress. Jay was present, as was Arthur, who we elected/accepted as the new Helpline Director, replacing Jay. Jay is now officially through with his duties to the board.

I stopped at Papa Lou's on the way home and got an oreo shake. I checked in with Robert en route.

At home, I got the urge to complete the minutes of tonight's meeting. I haven't done that since my very first meeting in October of 2000. After I finished, I clipped each person's individual action items into a note to them, as there are several items that need immediate attention with Pride, the two next community forums, and the Gay d'Art event coming up so quickly.

I finished about about 2 in the morning, but I felt great about having it done.