September 8th, 2003


I caught up my journal today.

I left work at 6:00, and stopped by the Card Factory for some New Home cards for Phyl, Jimmy, & Jeane, Courtney, and Richard, a graduation card for Laura, a "love" card for Robert, a birthday card for Steve (which I'm not real happy with), and a thank-you card for the Malvik's.

I stopped at The Espresso Company (is that the name of it?) coffee shop across from 518 West. Jay, who provided the refreshments at the Raleigh Community Forum, is the proprietor, and I wanted to see his shop. He was working on some cool centerpieces for a wedding. He's got a million things going. He told me about PMU horses. I wrote out a couple of cards there while having a cup of coffee.

I went to White Rabbit, and spent too much time there for too little return. In the end, I bought a couple of cards, and that was it.

I checked in with Mom & Dad to see if there are any updates on dad's stress test. It's still on for Wednesday, and they will call me with results either way after the test. They are walking in the mall, and dad's spirits seem to really be up.

I checked in with Vivian to see how the gift purchase was coming, and to see if she's going to come up on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning next week.

I did some editing work for Steve on one of his graduate school papers. He was very impressed and appreciative. That felt good.