September 4th, 2003

Family Fundamentals...

I left work late, a little after six, and the traffic was horrendous. I called Jay at about 6:45, and told him that I wasn't going to make it for 7. I stopped at the Papa Lou's drive-thru for dinner, which was a big mistake. I literally spent 10 minutes in the drive-thru line. Unacceptable.

I rushed through my buffalo tenders, which were delicious. As were the fries with some vinegar on them.

I grabbed the "bucket of cheese balls," and headed over to Jay's for 7:15. Richard had already arrived, and we started the show, a documentary called "Family Fundamentals."

A very, very interesting look at gay kids with very conservatively religious families. It reminded me of Trembling Before G-D, which I saw back in April.

Jay was asleep at the very end. I wonder at what point he became disengaged. I wonder what would sustain one's interest in this documentary, when one is not at all religious. Then again it was his idea to watch it together.

We did a fine job on the cheese balls.