August 22nd, 2003

Verizon on the horizon...

The plan was to see "The Producers" at the NC Museum of Art's outdoor movie series, but as the evening progressed, things went awry.

Robert and I left for FedEx at just after 7:30. My package, which is my new Verizon cell phone has been riding around Raleigh since the first attempt to deliver it on Tuesday. I went to the FedEx place this morning to pick it up, as after three delivery attempts, they are supposed to hold it at the pick-up place. At 9:05, at the pick-up place, "the computer shows it back out for delivery." Grrrrrrrrrr. Late to work, AND no package. Great.

We arrived at the pick-up place at about 7:55PM, rushing like crazy as they close at 8:00. "The computer shows that the courier that has your package still hasn't returned, and probably won't until about 8:30. So much for seeing "The Producers," which was supposed to start at 8:30. I got in "Mary mode" with the agent behind the counter, and told him I was going to sit there until the truck returned.

"You could come back first thing in the morning for it."

"I have a flight out in the morning, and have to be at the airport at 6:00AM. I need this package; it's my new cell phone, and I need it for the weekend."

The truck finally arrived at 9:00PM. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The good news was that the phone worked right away.

We stopped by Blockbuster and rented "Strictly Ballroom." We then stopped by Burger King and had dinner. We watched the DVD on my computer, with the bed in the guest room pulled up to the desk.

We MMMMMMMMMMed, and I finally fell asleep at about 1:00. My alarm was set for 5:00AM.