August 10th, 2003

The end of the festival...

I arrived at the Carolina theater with a minute to spare to see Summer Thunder. This movie was okay. I'm not sure what about it kept me in it, but it did. I didn't particularly care for the ending.

I moved my car after this show, as the spot I was in said "two hour parking," and it didn't say M-F only or anything like that. I moved it up to the bank, where I usually park, but was too rushed this morning to.

I went up to the Pride Cafe to kill the few minutes before the 12:40 film, Eli Parker's Getting Married. Ed, and I'm not sure of the other guy's name, from Games Night joined me. I really felt like being alone, but no big deal. They did pretty much talk the entire time, though. They, too, were killing time until 12:40.

I stopped by the Community Resource Room to register for the next set of door prizes and then went into Fletcher Auditorium. I wanted to sit alone, and managed to. This movie got on my nerves after a while... I really didn't like the way the lead straight guy was acting. I also thought it was heading right for the typical hollywood ending. I left right after the best man responded, "The same way a man falls in love with a woman," when his straight friend, and the groom, asked, "So, how does a man fall in love with another man?"

I stopped at El Dorado at Brightleaf, and had lunch. Then I went to my office to kill a couple of hours until the next set of movies, which start at 5:00.

I think I'm in a terrible funk with the festival this year. Ennui.

I caught up my journal at work, and took a half-hour nap on the floor of my office. I had my sweatjacket rolled up like a pillow, and had my windbreaker over me to cut the cold air that was slipping in under the door. I'm happy I woke up at 4:30.

I liked the documentary, "Foxhole," and absolutely loved the movie, "Jossi and Jagger." It took over as my number one film for this year, over "No Dumb Questions," though that was very, very good, too. I also liked "KM.0" very much, which I saw at 7:00. I went to sit in the balcony, and ran into Thomas (IBMer from Germany) there, so we sat together.